A boundless base of experience behind new products

As “the Bakers’ Baker,” we offer decades of experience and millions of units of know-how. Why not give your new product a head-start by calling on us during product development?

Our work upholds iconic brands with dependability. Beyond first glance is all the innovation we apply every day. From taste and texture, to nutritional formulas, to shelf-life initiatives, to custom packaging for operational efficiency, we are at your service.

Open to new technology, and constantly improving the experience for our customers, we built a culture of continual innovation. You can depend on us from the outset of product development.



English Muffins

English Muffins


With 7 English Muffin lines across our 3 facilities, you can rely on the Genesis team’s expertise to deliver gold standard baking. We’re ready and capable to fulfill your request.

Buns - New Horizons Baking

Soft Rolls


Producing over 1000 buns per minute, Genesis is your dedicated partner for a wide variety of soft rolls. We’re ready to customize a solution for you.

Rely on Genesis Baking Co:


Assured Supply

The capacity you require is met, on time, each time.

Dependable Quality

The formulas you specify are achieved every single time.

Customer-Centric Flexibility

The expertise it takes to customize is at your service.

Consistent Performance

Excellence is proven in every unit, every delivery.

Reliable Approaches

Methods and processes are based on years of experience.

Sustainability Initiatives

Responsible practices measure up to your customers’ values.

Rely on Genesis Baking Company

Our team is available to discuss a solution for you.

The Fundamentals of Family

Genesis Baking Company is part of New Horizons, a leader in serving the food industry with cutting-edge R&D, quality products, and dependable logistics.

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Supplier to quick-service

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Innovative seasoning blends, foods, flavors, ingredients and packaging.

Trina Bediako New Horizons Baking

The responsibilities that come with producing ready-to-eat products include high and uncompromising standards. You can rely on Genesis to always meet those standards and to be your trusted baking partner.

– Trina Bediako, CEO