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Iconic brands trust Genesis, a reliable baker of English muffins and soft rolls

Precision, quality, and dependable supply

With pride and passion for our work, Genesis Baking Company has made supply simpler for our customers for over 55 years. Turnkey solutions, the flexibility, and resources to customize our answers, the capacity to cut complexity and focus on innovation – all these and more are reasons why industry leaders, again and again, choose Genesis – The Baker’s Baker.

Leaders in the baking industry


english muffins

English Muffins

Produced and packaged to your own specifications, Genesis is one of the largest providers of English Muffins in the United States.

Hamburger buns

Soft Rolls

A wide existing variety and the resources to customize even further, Genesis is a trusted partner to America’s most iconic brands.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Multiple locations and in-house logistics assure you of strengthening your supply chain with Genesis.

Soft roll dough

Product Development

From conception through commercialization, our resources and experience assure you flexibility and consistency.

Customer First

Let us put our experience to work for you. The New Horizons Baking Family combines expertise with proven solutions to deliver quality product on time, every time. We’re ready and eager to discuss a solution for you.

Customized Solutions from Start to Finish


Experience, resourcefulness, capacity, and versatility enable us to fulfill your requirements. From formulation and flavor, nutritional enhancement, to precision packaging, we always place the customer first, and we have what it takes to come through for you every time.

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Integrity – Honesty – Sound Judgement

We are committed to our customers and company culture.

Our Core Values drive us to maintain a high standard of operation, innovating and manufacturing food, beverage, and nutritional solutions for all of our valued customers. The result of years of experience and dedication to our customers and solutions allows us the privilege to serve iconic brands across the globe.
– Trina Bediako, Mike Porter, Tim Brown –

The Fundamentals of Family

Genesis Baking Company is part of New Horizons, a leader in serving the food industry with cutting-edge R&D, quality products, and dependable logistics.

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Innovative seasoning blends, foods, flavors,
ingredients and packaging.